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Friday, April 2, 2010

crying is NOT sexy

I have suddenly (like in the last 48 hours) reached the point in pregnancy where I feel FAT and UGLY.  The new acne breakouts are really not helping at all.

And now these crazy violent moodswings - I cry over something stupid, and then laugh at myself for crying about THAT....and moments later I find myself crying again!

For example, today when I went to the bathroom for like the 200th time, I finished peeing and went to reach for the toilet paper.  Spun the roll to find the end....spun it again....and one more spin, but NO end came around the roll.  I was frustrated, then MAD when I realized that the roll had recently been changed, and whoever did it (probably my hubby) had put it on BACKWARD - so every spin just dumped more toilet paper on the floor instead of bringing the end of the roll around to the top. *exasperated sigh* followed by quick wipe, and then suddenly my eyes overflowed and I could NOT stop crying over how anyone could be so INSENSITIVE as to put the toilet paper roll on backwards.  And as I sat there on the toilet BAWLING, I already knew this was not something worth crying over (in my pre-pregnant life) and still could not stop the tears.

That was not the first crying jag of the day, and not the last - so in addition to feeling fat, ugly, and pimply, I now have puffy red eyes and a perpetually runny nose.  So completely NOT sexy!

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