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Thursday, April 8, 2010

its a.......

I will find out this Saturday whether I am having a GIRL or a BOY. 

I am BEYOND excited to finally find this out, and just for fun I want to know, what do YOU think I am having?

Sorry, there's no prize for being a winner here, just bragging rights.

Post a comment here with your vote, and in about 48 hours I will post the BIG NEWS (and hopefully some 3D ultrasound pictures)


  1. girl! I don't know why! Just a feeeeeling!

  2. My sister (who lives about 15 minutes from me) is also pregnant, due about a week and a half ahead of me. I told her this week that I have a feeling that she is having a boy, and that I am having a girl....
    She just had her sonogram and is having a BOY!
    So now I just have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to find out if I was right about my baby, too. LOL
    Too bad I SUCK at waiting.

  3. Boy boy boy! Those two little boys would have so much fun growing up together!

    That sale you told me about sounds amazing!

  4. Thanks Jessica, I am kind of (just a little) hoping for another boy, as well! Except for the whole only-girl-in-the-house thing (I AM OUTNUMBERED HERE!) My daughter moved out already, and my boys are 15 and 10. Need some estrogen in this house! But then, girls turn 13 and become monsters, so estrogen can be over-rated, right?
    It will be fun for these little cousins to both be boys. My sister already has a girl and a boy, so she was happy either way.
    I can't say I am really 'rooting' one way or the other, I just need to know (like NOW!)