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Friday, April 23, 2010

17 weeks and counting

Yesterday I had my 17 week checkup.  Two great things about this one: my hubby was able to come with me for this appointment, AND all my test results came back NORMAL!  The screenings for Down's Syndrome showed a 1 in 63,000 risk (instead of the 1 in 100 risk I thought we were facing). 

Oh, and even MORE good news, I don't have to put up with more blood tests until week 24!  Of course, at that point, in addition to the dreaded needle, I will also have to endure that nasty glucose drink, on an empty stomach.....and wait at the oh-so-fun lab for a full hour between chugging that crap and offering my weak veins up to the vampires.  But I have like 7 full weeks to psych myself up for it!  I can totally DO this.

Baby Thomas' heart rate is normal (161 yesterday) and my blood pressure and weight are also fine - I'm holding at 4 lbs UNDER my weight from my first prenatal appointment. 

All in all, this week is a good week, pregnancy-wise.  I'm healthy and my baby-bump is growing.  Pictures coming SOON, I promise.


  1. Yay for a healthy pregnancy congrats : )

  2. I am happy for you!! I love healthy babies and happy mama's

  3. Forgot to mention, the valance for the nursery finally came last night, so now I can explore paint colors and ribbon colors/widths
    WOO HOO!