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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mood swings and tears


Have you seen that really sweet AT&T commercial, the one with the flashback montage?  It shows a couple watching proudly as their son is being sworn in as the President of the U.S. and then it flashes back to scenes from the boy's childhood, then mommy's baby belly, then flashes all the way back to when the couple first met at a subway station, with the assistance of an AT&T phone - then it says something cheesy like "Because any moment could be THE moment".

Yup, I cried when I saw that commercial last night.

This is my fourth pregnancy, and I have also struggled with clinical depression for almost a decade now, and I have NEVER had such crazy mood swings!  I've never been this hormonal/emotional in my life.

I just keep stopping and shaking my head, thinking, "I can't believe I cried about THAT!"  or even, "how could I laugh at THAT?!"

I am not yet even 16 weeks along - does this mean I have 24 more weeks of this nonsense?  YIKES.

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