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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had a Baby Sling (by NoJo) for my last two babies, and I LOVED it!  My boys always wanted to be held, and this was so much easier than the buckle/strap-on-carriers (like a Baby Bjorn, etc).

So, now I am looking for a sling for this baby, but I wonder if I am just being too picky?

The first parameter that my sling MUST meet is that it has to 'fit' me.....I've mentioned in previous posts that I am 100 lbs overweight (Size 22-24 in women's clothing right now, and its NOT because of my baby-bump).  So far I am finding slings that are 'One Size Fits Most" (Like the Balboa Sling by Dr. Sears) and I am definitely not sized like 'MOST' people. -OR- I am finding slings designed for different sized parents, (XL, XXL, etc) but they are not adjustable.

So, does anyone know where I can find a PLUS-SIZE, ADJUSTABLE baby sling?
I would like for my husband to be able to use this, too - so adjustable will help with that - and I used the sling in different positions for my other boys, for about 2 years with each!

I know there has been a recent 'recall/warning' regarding these slings, but I know how to use it safely and I really really WANT one!

Am I going to have to buy a custom sling?


  1. I would look online for individual dealers.. Sometimes ladies who make them each by hand can make it to fit you for a nominal fee. I mean if you get to pick pattern color etc you should pick length too!

  2. I think you're right, I am going to have to go custom - was just hoping to find an online company that does the XXL *and* the Adjustable, all in one sling.
    I checked Etsy and found several makers, I guess I will see if I can find someone close enough to me to actually meet with her for a 'fitting'. :)