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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Award! Show some blog love

Thank you so much Nicole, from flipflopcombatboots for sending me this Beautiful Blogger award!

Rules of the award are to say 'thank you' and list seven things about yourself, so here you go:
1) I read for pleasure, and it makes me sad to realize how unusual this is today.
2) My favorite thing to bake is my 'ultimate' brownies, but ever since I got pregnant I don't really want to eat them fact I rarely even want chocolate now!
3) I spend as much time being naked as I can get away with, even when I am not pregnant (I'm not a nudist, I just have a hard time getting comfortable with clothes diggin into me, or twisting around me, etc.)
4) I own a truly disgusting amount of stamping and scrapping stuff, and barely ever use it anymore
5) The only person I know who can beat me at "80s name that tune" is my 15 year old son.
6) After over 30 years of 'bad hair days' I figured out that I am actually blessed with GREAT hair, as long as I blow-dry it with a good dryer - no styling products needed for a good hair day!
7) My kids think I am way smarter than I actually am, and my husband thinks I am way dumber than I've ever been (or ever could be).  LOL

And now I would like to give this award to:
1.Expat Girl from The Sand is Different Here
2.Julie from Julie The Army Wife
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5.Cheryl at My Air Force Journey
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7.Kasey at Awful Beautiful Life

(now you ladies can all share 7 things about yourselves on your own blog!)


  1. It is scary how many people don't read just for pleasure. A good book recommendation is "My Lobotomy." It's a great memoir! Also, I would love to play a "name that 80s tune" game with you and your son! haha!

  2. So Exciting!! Thanks for thinking of me:)