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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Frogs and snails and puppy-dog tails


The suspense is finally over, and I am beyond thrilled to be having another boy. Well, maybe 10% sad that its not a girl, but 90% relieved! I had a falling-out with my only daughter 2 years ago (she is almost 20 and still does not speak to me) and it really did a number on my self-esteem. I had to wonder, do I even have what it takes to raise girls? So now, at least that's not a worry anymore.

And I do love raising boys. My sons are 15 and 10, and are also thrilled to have a little brother on the way to pass down all of their Nerf guns to - see my post from my other blog for more about this #links

So, our newest dilemma is to settle on a middle name.  We know his first name is Thomas, but we have to choose between 4 possible middle names.....and hubby is being very indecisive right now. *sigh*

Well at least now I get to go out and look for cute baby boy things, and start decorating the nursery.  YAY!
And now I don't have to call him "IT" anymore!


  1. Ohhh congratulations!! We're both having boys!

    I am really sorry about the falling out with your daughter, I really hope things get repaired in the future!