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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apple pie a-la-mode

My morning-sickness seems to be completely gone, but has been replaced by some unusual cravings.  I don't normally even LIKE apple pie, even if served with a mountain of ice cream, but today I enjoyed a slice....with a little cold mountain....for the third time this week! I picked up a store-bought apple pie for our dessert for Easter, and have been happily chipping away at the leftovers.

My other cravings have been for bagels with cream cheese and strawberry jam (but only if I can have some pulp-free orange juice with it) and for almost ANYTHING salty.  I can't believe I am not piling on the pounds eating all this CRAP!  Well, I am walking a lot more, so I'm burning more calories, and aside from weird cravings, I am eating WAY healthier than I used to.  I really do miss caffeine, but I will survive without it.  My bagels are now those cool 'bagelthins' so less carbs, less calories, and then I use less cream cheese and jam....that's gotta be helping, right?  Popcorn is satisfying my salt cravings pretty well, so I guess I just need to keep doing what I'm doing.

My O.B. says I really don't need to gain ANY weight with this pregnancy, since I am already 100 lbs overweight.  I've never actually heard this before, but I was never this overweight with my other pregnancies.
At least this apple pie is almost gone, hopefully I won't WANT it anymore if I don't have it in the house.  Hopefully.


  1. Omg what I wouldnt do for a piece of apple pie right now! Serious craving! I have been walking every day of the pregnancy and I think it has made a big difference

  2. omg apple pie sounds amazing right now. and a bagel. and anything salty. damn it!

  3. enjoy that apple pie while you can girl!! so happy for you for another boy :)