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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I borrowed this form from Jessica at Learning As We Go

How far along:
31 weeks + 3 days

Total weight gain:
14 pounds and holding...for now.  My OB initially told me I didn't need to gain ANY weight with this pregnancy because I started out 100 lbs overweight....but at my checkup last week she said she's not worried about my weight gain and in fact would be OK if I gain another 10 lbs., as long as its not all at once.

Maternity clothes: 
My one pair of maternity jeans is worn almost DAILY right now, but if I take time to shave my legs, I also have a couple pair of maternity capris and a pair of maternity shorts, and sometimes even wear a cute dress.  My belly is definitely too big for any of my pre-pregnancy clothes!

Stretch marks:
No new ones yet, but my old stretch marks are showing a little more - especially on my hips.

I've heard of that....wait, what is it, exactly?
I'm just starting to get big enough that I can't stay comfortable in any one position for more than a couple minutes, so sleep is like a series of catnaps.  It also doesn't help that I get up to pee at least once every hour all night.  I'm able to nap sometimes, so that helps

Best moment this week:
When my hubby called from Afghanistan, and asked me if the baby was awake.  I told him I didn't think so, and he said, "well then do you think he is dreaming about me?"  (awwww!)

CONSTANT - or almost.  The funny part is when his movements are so big that they visibly move other parts of my body (like if my arm is across my belly and he makes my whole arm JUMP) ...its hilarious!

Food cravings:
Chocolate chip cookies sound good, but I really only want my OWN homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Since it's way too hot to bake here right now, I am resisting that particular craving.  Still really craving wine, and happy that fresh grapes are in season and inexpensive because they seem to (sort of) satisfy my wine craving. Oh, and Costco finally brought back the Multi-Grain Cheerios that I've been loving, so I stocked up on those! :)
Finally I look more 'pregnant' than 'fat'....but some people are shocked to learn how far along I am.  HA HA HA! Pictures coming tomorrow, after my haircut :)

Kind of moody in the past week or so.  Mostly still enjoying the pregnancy, but had a couple of really depressed days mixed in there.

Weekly Wisdom:
hmmmm....I'm getting to the point where I have to regularly remind myself to let things roll off my back.  I don't normally get easily offended but lately there's been A LOT of drama going around, and too much unsolicted advice from certain annoying people (like in-laws) so I tell myself constantly that THIS DOES NOT MATTER.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

new button!

Hey check out my snazzy new blog button over here ---->

Isn't it cute?  If you follow me and would like to put my button on your blog for others to find me, please feel free to grab the button and re-post.  Just copy the code you see below it and place it in an html gadget on your own blog.  :)

This was a prize in a blog contest I entered a few weeks ago, and I am BEYOND thrilled with it. 

Thanks so much Christina for making my new button!  I la-la-la-love it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

time flies when you're getting fat

I can't believe its been another WHOLE WEEK since I last posted here!

I had another OB checkup, and now will have them every 2 weeks for a bit, then soon (VERY SOON) I will go to checkups every single week until this baby is born.

My doc is concerned that the baby my be a giant, so I might have an induction as early as 37 weeks (early September).  I should know more after my August 19th appointment, where she will do another sonogram to measure his growth and check to see if he's still breech.

I'm not sure how I feel about having the baby that early. 

I'm feeling woefully unprepared right now - have not even gotten the nursery painted yet!  My sister-in-law is coming over to do that in 2 weeks, and then I will spend a few days that same week getting the nursery together.  My baby shower is right around the corner, and I have been making myself wait to do any shopping until I know what we'll really NEED (after the shower).  So I had a crazy dream the other night that my little monkey arrived very early, and I had nothing ready - not even diapers!

We did go out and buy an infant car seat/stroller system before my husband deployed, so at least I have THAT ready.  Well, not ready, but its in the house, at least.  Hmmmmm maybe I should put that in the CAR, just in case?

On the bright side, if I get to have the baby a couple weeks early, that gives me a couple weeks head start on my weight loss goals before my honey returns from 'Funghanistan'.

I don't have any 31 week belly pics yet, but here is a 30 week (plus 2 days) pic from last week's trip to The Price Is Right:

No, I didn't get on the show - but am going back next week with a group of ALL military wives, and one of us HAS to get called to 'Come On Down'!  Right?  Oh, and if you watch September 23, you will see me in the audience.  We didn't get great seats this time, but 3 of the contestants were called down from the 2 rows right in front of us, so we will show on camera as they are climbing over people to run down to Bidder's Row.

Monday, July 19, 2010

3D ultrasound

Sorry its been a whole week - I swear I have really WANTED to blog the past few days, but just haven't had the time.

Today was the 3D ultrasound appointment, and I am so in LOVE with these 'first pictures' of my sweet baby Thomas! 

So far he looks just like his brother Knucklehead, and he has big feet and a LOT of hair.  And he is not in the breech position any more!

He's measuring a little big - I am 30 weeks + 1 day, but his measurements today are closer to 33 weeks.  Not sure if this is accurate, though, because this was NOT a diagnostic ultrasound.

Next OB appointment in a few days, so I will find out if that measurement thing means anything significant.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

energized baby

I was reading last night about what is happening with a typical 29-weeks-gestation baby, and came to the part about the fat deposits.

Until now, baby Thomas has mostly had 'brown fat' which helps him regulate body temperature (minimally, since my body still does a lot of that FOR him, of course).  Now he is developing the 'white fat' deposits, like what we grownups already have - and the white fat serves as a source of energy.


I don't think this baby NEEDS any more energy!

Over the past couple of weeks, he has been my most active baby yet.

Kick counts?  I don't think I can count that high!  Maybe I should check my iPad, I'll bet there's an app for that, too.  :)

Here's my 29 week belly pic:

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

80 days left!

I had an OB checkup today, and for the most part all went well. I am a chronic worrier though, so I am naturally a little distressed to learn that my little one is currently in the BREECH postition.

Since I am only 28 1/2 weeks along, there is still plenty of time for him to turn around - but if he doesn't do it pretty quick, it will get more difficult, as he will soon get A LOT more cramped in there.

I think something like 25% of all babies are in breech position (butt-first) at the 28 week mark, but only 3% or so are still breech at full term.  And even if he DOESN'T turn around before birth, it doesn't necessarily mean surgery.....while a vaginal birth is way more difficult with a breech baby (and more painful, and more dangerous) it IS possible to still have a 'natural' birth, and avoid a c-section.

But since I naturally worry about EVERYTHING, now I am worried about this - and terrified of the prospect of a C-section, especially with hubby halfway around the world.  I mean, I have finally (almost) mentally prepared myself for the experience of giving birth without hubby here, but cesarean is a MAJOR surgery.  And needles scare me, you know?

Anyway, everything else with baby Thomas is going GREAT.  His measurements were all normal in today's sonogram.  His heart rate was normal, and he is still showing up as a "HE" onscreen.  That's important, right?

My own stats are all good, too.  I have gained a total of 10 lbs so far, and Dr. says 5 more lbs over the next 11 weeks will be OK......that's better than what she said last trimester!  My blood pressure is good, and I still have not experienced any swelling of my hands or feet.  My discomfort issues are limited to my low back, and mostly just when I am trying to sleep.  I guess the braxton-hicks contractions are also uncomfortable/annoying, but  I am coping with them.  I'm having heartburn at least once a day, but it goes away quickly - often without me even needing Tums or anything.

All in all, baby is growing and I am glowing (ish).

Can't wait to post my 3D ultrasound pics in a couple weeks!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

buried treasure

First, a belly pic - this is me at 28 weeks plus 2 days:

(excuse the lack of makeup and the crazy hair...if I waited for a good hair day, I would never be able to post belly pics!)

Over the weekend I found some of my ten-year-old's baby keepsake stuff in my closet.  I can't believe how great this all looks!  A few outfits, including some cute USMC rompers, and the best part - three great pair of baby shoes.  Including little baby Nike's that someone gave to knucklehead for his first birthday.

The little OshKosh and Baby Gap shoes were just too cute to let go of when we got rid of other baby stuff.  Now I am SO happy I kept them!  :)

Oh, and the super-soft baby blankets that hubby used to 'steal' to snuggle with when Knucklehead was little......I think I will have to send him one in Afghanistan, maybe after I wrap the new baby in it, so it will have some of that 'new baby' smell.  Daddy will LOVE that!

I have a checkup in 2 days, which I think will include another sonogram, so hopefully I can post a new 'picture' of the baby here.  Otherwise you all are just gonna have to wait until I get my 3D ultrasound in 3 weeks...and I am having a very hard time waiting for that one.

**I entered a contest over at Christina's blog - click the link to read my entry and then VOTE for me! My entry is the first one listed there, under "Another Deployment".  Voting ends July 12**