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Monday, July 26, 2010

time flies when you're getting fat

I can't believe its been another WHOLE WEEK since I last posted here!

I had another OB checkup, and now will have them every 2 weeks for a bit, then soon (VERY SOON) I will go to checkups every single week until this baby is born.

My doc is concerned that the baby my be a giant, so I might have an induction as early as 37 weeks (early September).  I should know more after my August 19th appointment, where she will do another sonogram to measure his growth and check to see if he's still breech.

I'm not sure how I feel about having the baby that early. 

I'm feeling woefully unprepared right now - have not even gotten the nursery painted yet!  My sister-in-law is coming over to do that in 2 weeks, and then I will spend a few days that same week getting the nursery together.  My baby shower is right around the corner, and I have been making myself wait to do any shopping until I know what we'll really NEED (after the shower).  So I had a crazy dream the other night that my little monkey arrived very early, and I had nothing ready - not even diapers!

We did go out and buy an infant car seat/stroller system before my husband deployed, so at least I have THAT ready.  Well, not ready, but its in the house, at least.  Hmmmmm maybe I should put that in the CAR, just in case?

On the bright side, if I get to have the baby a couple weeks early, that gives me a couple weeks head start on my weight loss goals before my honey returns from 'Funghanistan'.

I don't have any 31 week belly pics yet, but here is a 30 week (plus 2 days) pic from last week's trip to The Price Is Right:

No, I didn't get on the show - but am going back next week with a group of ALL military wives, and one of us HAS to get called to 'Come On Down'!  Right?  Oh, and if you watch September 23, you will see me in the audience.  We didn't get great seats this time, but 3 of the contestants were called down from the 2 rows right in front of us, so we will show on camera as they are climbing over people to run down to Bidder's Row.

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