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Monday, July 19, 2010

3D ultrasound

Sorry its been a whole week - I swear I have really WANTED to blog the past few days, but just haven't had the time.

Today was the 3D ultrasound appointment, and I am so in LOVE with these 'first pictures' of my sweet baby Thomas! 

So far he looks just like his brother Knucklehead, and he has big feet and a LOT of hair.  And he is not in the breech position any more!

He's measuring a little big - I am 30 weeks + 1 day, but his measurements today are closer to 33 weeks.  Not sure if this is accurate, though, because this was NOT a diagnostic ultrasound.

Next OB appointment in a few days, so I will find out if that measurement thing means anything significant.


  1. Oh how nice! We had 3D with my 2nd son and they were very cool to see. Love the name :)

  2. Love the 3D ultra sounds...they are the best!!

  3. Very cool pictures. I have 4 kids and not one 3-D ultrasound, technology rocks out by you! The little baby looks very sweet!