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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I borrowed this form from Jessica at Learning As We Go

How far along:
31 weeks + 3 days

Total weight gain:
14 pounds and holding...for now.  My OB initially told me I didn't need to gain ANY weight with this pregnancy because I started out 100 lbs overweight....but at my checkup last week she said she's not worried about my weight gain and in fact would be OK if I gain another 10 lbs., as long as its not all at once.

Maternity clothes: 
My one pair of maternity jeans is worn almost DAILY right now, but if I take time to shave my legs, I also have a couple pair of maternity capris and a pair of maternity shorts, and sometimes even wear a cute dress.  My belly is definitely too big for any of my pre-pregnancy clothes!

Stretch marks:
No new ones yet, but my old stretch marks are showing a little more - especially on my hips.

I've heard of that....wait, what is it, exactly?
I'm just starting to get big enough that I can't stay comfortable in any one position for more than a couple minutes, so sleep is like a series of catnaps.  It also doesn't help that I get up to pee at least once every hour all night.  I'm able to nap sometimes, so that helps

Best moment this week:
When my hubby called from Afghanistan, and asked me if the baby was awake.  I told him I didn't think so, and he said, "well then do you think he is dreaming about me?"  (awwww!)

CONSTANT - or almost.  The funny part is when his movements are so big that they visibly move other parts of my body (like if my arm is across my belly and he makes my whole arm JUMP) ...its hilarious!

Food cravings:
Chocolate chip cookies sound good, but I really only want my OWN homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Since it's way too hot to bake here right now, I am resisting that particular craving.  Still really craving wine, and happy that fresh grapes are in season and inexpensive because they seem to (sort of) satisfy my wine craving. Oh, and Costco finally brought back the Multi-Grain Cheerios that I've been loving, so I stocked up on those! :)
Finally I look more 'pregnant' than 'fat'....but some people are shocked to learn how far along I am.  HA HA HA! Pictures coming tomorrow, after my haircut :)

Kind of moody in the past week or so.  Mostly still enjoying the pregnancy, but had a couple of really depressed days mixed in there.

Weekly Wisdom:
hmmmm....I'm getting to the point where I have to regularly remind myself to let things roll off my back.  I don't normally get easily offended but lately there's been A LOT of drama going around, and too much unsolicted advice from certain annoying people (like in-laws) so I tell myself constantly that THIS DOES NOT MATTER.

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