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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

buried treasure

First, a belly pic - this is me at 28 weeks plus 2 days:

(excuse the lack of makeup and the crazy hair...if I waited for a good hair day, I would never be able to post belly pics!)

Over the weekend I found some of my ten-year-old's baby keepsake stuff in my closet.  I can't believe how great this all looks!  A few outfits, including some cute USMC rompers, and the best part - three great pair of baby shoes.  Including little baby Nike's that someone gave to knucklehead for his first birthday.

The little OshKosh and Baby Gap shoes were just too cute to let go of when we got rid of other baby stuff.  Now I am SO happy I kept them!  :)

Oh, and the super-soft baby blankets that hubby used to 'steal' to snuggle with when Knucklehead was little......I think I will have to send him one in Afghanistan, maybe after I wrap the new baby in it, so it will have some of that 'new baby' smell.  Daddy will LOVE that!

I have a checkup in 2 days, which I think will include another sonogram, so hopefully I can post a new 'picture' of the baby here.  Otherwise you all are just gonna have to wait until I get my 3D ultrasound in 3 weeks...and I am having a very hard time waiting for that one.

**I entered a contest over at Christina's blog - click the link to read my entry and then VOTE for me! My entry is the first one listed there, under "Another Deployment".  Voting ends July 12**


  1. Just wanted to reply to your the comment that you left on my blog.
    I'm completely appalled by your the hell are they going to let you pass up?!?!?! Don't they know that someone with that much experience and knowledge is unbelievably helpful....UGH! Its frustrating.
    I am grateful that I have a job, there's no denying that, but I just wish it was somewhere along my area.
    Thanks for sharing your story...I'm sorry that that happened to you and I hope that in the future it wont.

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