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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

boys are "fun"

I thought it was 'snakes and snails and puppy dog tails', but apparently little boys are made of:

Two large pizzas,

Two pitchers of lemonade,

One bag of microwave popcorn,

And half a bag of oreos.

At least, that's what 3 ten-year-old boys have consumed in my kitchen tonight - SO FAR.

My son Knucklehead is having a sleepover (though I am pretty sure they're not CALLING it a sleepover, or a slumber party, or anything GIRLY like that...)  He and two of his buddies are alternating between playing videogames, eating everything in sight, and randomly jumping over large pieces of furniture.  As long as no one gets hurt, I think I'm better off keeping my distance tonight!

It is just past midnight as I write this, and the monkeys in my living room show no sign of needing sleep - so I have retreated to my bedroom to enjoy some peace and quiet (interrupted only by my littlest monkey beating me up from the inside).

*sigh* another night to reflect on the JOYS of raising BOYS!


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  1. mmmm pizza. i would get along well with your son. or anyone else that will eat pizza with me lol