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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

26 weeks, 3 days

I know I've been a bad blogger lately... I've been (lazy/tired/sick/busy/insert-excuse-here)

After nearly a full week without posting, I have quite a mix of things to post - starting with this cute joke:

An expecting mommy was getting dressed when her 3 year old walked into the room and commented, "Mommy, you're getting fat."  The mother patiently replied, "Yes, sweetie, remember I have a baby growing in my belly" The precocious child piped up with, "I know Mommy, but what's growing in your BUTT?"

ha ha ha

It's funnier when my ten year old tells that one  :)

My pregnancy is still going well, though I have finally started to gain a little weight.  As long as I can keep that to a minimum, it's no big deal (pardon the pun) but I've still got 13 1/2 weeks left.....even if I only gain a pound a week the rest of the way, THAT'S TOO MUCH!

I'm working to get the nursery ready - it still has some 'guest room' leftovers in it, as well as much of the nursery stuff, mostly unassembled.  This week's task is to empty the room completely to prepare for painting (my sister-in-law is coming over to help me paint in a couple weeks).  I'm also going to freshen up the paint on the used crib and changing table before I put them back into the room.

Baby clothes are WAY too much fun....I have received a ton of used clothes, so little Thomas won't need any clothes for at least the first three months - and then he will only need a few specific things for the remainder of his first year!  Still, I have caved in and bought a few things.  I am in love with all the adorable monkey clothes - little embroidered monkeys on shirts, monkey's printed on pants, and even little slippers made to look like monkeys!  I'm also loving striped stuff, so I was thrilled to find this adorable little outfit with both monkeys AND stripes:

Baby will wear this one home from the hospital. :)

I'm also counting down the weeks until I can go to the 3D/4D ultrasound place, I can't WAIT to see what this little guy looks like so far! (please please please let him have his daddy's nose...)


  1. Monkey's are the in thing now and they have so much cute stuff out there for little boys. So exciting to see the baby in 3D/4D! Can't wait to see the pics, enjoy!