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Monday, June 14, 2010

8 inches (?)

Hey gutter-mind, I wasn't talking about THAT!  (but maybe in another blog?)

Today I got a much needed haircut!  8+ inches later, I feel so much lighter!  And I actually think I look a little younger, so that's a bonus.


and then....


Hubby will not be happy, as he likes my hair long - but since he is gone for at least 6 more months, I decided my own comfort through the rest of this pregnancy is more important than his aesthetic preferences.  I will keep getting it trimmed for the rest of the pregnancy, and then after I have the baby I will start growing it out for my hubby again.  :)


  1. It looks great!! Awesome job!

  2. Love the haircut. I am sure you feel so much weight lifted! I did that with my hair but even shorter after having my 2nd baby in just under 2 years. No time to do it!