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Friday, June 11, 2010

which one?

I am going back to The Price Is Right again in a few weeks (for my 15th or 16th time, I think?...I've lost count)

I need help.

Not that kind.  Well, okay, I do need psychiatric help, this is a RIDICULOUS obsession, but anyway, that's not the kind if help I need from you, my readers.  I need help choosing which shirt to wear!

I like the 'Hot Mama' shirt, because it is easy to read from a distance (and has plenty of bling-bling which could help me get noticed and get PICKED to be a contestant)


I love the "Pregnant is the new skinny" tank top, because, well, its a TANK TOP.  And its funny.  But it is way more snug on me, and is a little harder to read than the other one.

What do you think?

Please comment here or email me privately, I seriously do want everyone's input!



  1. I love the pregnant is the new skinny! We've wanted to go up to the price is right since we moved out here... is it hard to get tickets or get in?

  2. Elizabeth, I wrote to your email, I have room if you want to come to TPIR with us in July or in August. It's the most fun you can (legally) have for free in LA!

  3. thank you so much for the offer!
    i'm not use to towns like this, i'm a city girl and even though there are plenty of rude people there there are also plenty of nice people. here since its small its just limited to one kind...and i have no clue why.

    we'll be here till either october, december or february and then who knows.

  4. I vote for the hot mama shirt! Too cute :)

  5. I really really really realllllly like the pregnant is the new skinny tank!