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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

maternity SHOES (?)

I recently posted about my comical attempt to give myself a pedicure.  I have accepted the fact that my growing baby belly makes this impossible, and am now including 'real' pedicures in my budget for the rest of the pregnancy.  I mean, I have to have pretty toes to get away with wearing nothing on my feet but flip flops, right?

Flip flops are the ultimate 'maternity shoe' don't even have to BEND over to put them on!

However, my job will not allow me to wear flip flops while at work, for safety reasons.  I have to wear closed-toe, closed-heel shoes. (YUCK)

I've found a few cool options already in my closet, and for now (and hopefully for at least a little longer) I can still at least tie my own shoelaces, so my tennis-shoes work well most days.  When that ends, I am still covered.  The best shoes I found in my own collection are these cute Skechers:

I have two pair, one in black and one in white, and I LOVE the fact that they breathe, almost as much as the fact that they close with VELCRO.  On the SIDE, so I don't even have to try all that hard to reach the little strap to open/close them.  I'd rather be wearing flip flops, but for work these will do - I can wear them with shorts, a casual skirt, jeans, whatever.


So, now I am wondering, are the shoe companies missing out on a major marketing gimmick here?  Should they be selling easy-fasten and slip-on shoes in the maternity department of major stores?  Should the Motherhood store (Motherhood Maternity is NOT my best friend but that's another blog post) be branding these and marking them up for all of the pregnant women out there who just realized that they can't even SEE their own feet, much less actually TIE their own shoes?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.....


  1. You should come up with a style and make them yourself. The money will floowwwww in!

  2. My friend just had a baby and she was all about some old ugg boots because she could just slip her feet in! She hated when summer was approaching [in Virginia Beach] and flip flop's were all the rage, and she couldn't wear them to work. I think you may be on to something!

  3. If I make my own shoe line, I could even dictate new 'maternity' sizing to allow for the swelling of feet that so many women suffer with.....(fortunately I have not yet had to deal with this through the first three pregnancies, but my feet did spread a little and get wider - permanently)

  4. Some boat shoes are the most comfortable, like the one u have on here. My legs werent swollen when i got pregnant and i even wore high heels at

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