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Friday, April 16, 2010

no pepper, please!

I peed my pants laughing today.

I also peed my pants playing basketball with my son last week - and jumping up to grab the phone when it rang the other day.

It's a pregnancy thing.

But the worst times, really, are when I SNEEZE.  Even if I *JUST* went to the bathroom, I can still somehow wet myself every time I sneeze!  I did not have this problem with my first 3 pregnancies, but I was of course MUCH younger then.

So, in addition to all the smells I am suddenly VERY sensitive to, I find that pepper is my enemy.  And my laundry's enemy.  I can't even COOK with pepper now!

So, please, HOLD the pepper, because I can't hold my bladder any more.

I'm going to go do some Kegel exercises while I watch a little T.V.


  1. ahahaahhahah! as much as that sucks, you totally just made me laugh!!!

  2. Sneezy pee already? Wow! Glad to have found you. I get all giddy when I meet other USMC wife bloggers online. Following!

  3. LOL Welcome Gabrielle, I'm following you, too! Check out my deployment blog at (hubby is leaving in a couple weeks)
    I'm 16 weeks pregnant with baby #4, and YES, sneezy pee already! CRAZY.