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Monday, March 29, 2010


I am all about free stuff, hand-me-downs, whatever, especially for baby stuff that only gets used for a short period of time.  What can I say, I am cheap like that!

So, a friend gave me a used baby crib, and it occurred to me as I was cleaning it up that I should check to make sure it was not effected by a product recall.  GOOD CALL.  I went to (consumer product safety commission - bookmark this page!) and sure enough, this crib has a 'repair recall' just needs special locking pegs installed at the bottom of the drop-sides, and the company sends them out free upon request.

Contacted the company, ordered the parts, finished cleaning up the crib....then started thinking about other baby products.  I have the swing that my last baby used (he is now ten years old!) and it is in good shape, even though it has been passed around and used by several other babies.  But still, in 10 years, safety issues can pop up, right?  So I checked that one on the website too, and YES it also has a recall.....needs a new safety harness.

Oh and while I am on the subject, STAY AWAY from any used car seat or other 'safety' equipment - this is where it is always worth buying new, no matter how cheap (er, I mean frugal) you are.

I love (through yahoo) and expect to get lots more cool free stuff for this baby, but you can bet that everything I use will first be checked for recalls!

Keep those little munchkins SAFE!


  1. i totally agree on all of the above!!

    My due date is actually Sept 6th!! Hubby will still be gone.

    I hate yours it gone too it always sucks.

    How did you come across my blog?

  2. Awesome, you are due a few weeks before me! This is our 3rd deployment and 4th child, but first time ever having to deal with deployment AND pregnancy at the same time. He hasn't even officially left yet, and I am already struggling. :( I have another blog on here about the deployment itself, you can link to it through my profile to the right.

    I found your blog through one of my other 'followers' who is also following your blog (I think). :) Oh and happy birthday to your little man!