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Monday, March 22, 2010

dance all night....

WOW, felt the baby move last night! A LOT. It's just a slight tickle kind of feeling, and if I had not been holding still (trying to sleep, of course) I never even would have noticed it, but it went on for most of the night.

I was so elated feeling this, and then started crying almost uncontrollably when I realized that my hubby won't be here to feel the harder kicks and hiccups that I know are coming soon. He is deploying in a few weeks, and will miss the whole last half of the pregnancy, the birth, etc.

I know some of the tears are obviously justified, but most of this whole crying jag can be chalked up to good ole hormones. I've been so moody the past few days, it's just crazy. I mean CRAZY. Like, when I realize how quickly I bounce back and forth between laughter and tears, I really think I need my head examined.

As much as I hate feeling crazy, I am LOVING being pregnant, mood swings and all. I feel bad for my hubby and especially for my sons, who have to deal with the big bundle of hormones that I am right now, but they are all going to dote on this little one anyway. Even if he or she wants to stay up and dance all night.

**(kind of hoping it's a girl so I won't be so outnumbered here! we get to find out April 10th)

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