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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keep moving forward

Doula update - an organization called "Operation Special Delivery" provides a free (volunteer) Doula to military wives whose husband is deployed during the birth. Depends on availability, of course, but I applied today, should know in a week or so if I will get a Doula. If they can't help, I did find one who only charges $500 for births at my local hospital, and she offered me a military discount to bring it down to $450.

*sigh* one hurdle down, only a few hundred left to go.

I think my morning-sickness is subsiding - crazy because I've barely thrown up at all with this one (compared to the first three pregnancies). Today I actually felt really GOOD all day, aside from really needing a nap. Yes, I took a nap. You got problem with that? ha ha ha

Tomorrow, OB checkup, and MAYBE another sonogram? For sure get to hear the heartbeat, at least.

And tonight, undoubtedly, more INSANE dreams. They're crazy enough when I am not pregnant, but add some hormones and the usual pregnancy fears, etc. and you've got a recipe for disaster in my subconscious mind.

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