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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seriously, does this baby make me look fat?

I got some 'fan mail' yesterday....a distant friend who read my blog ordered me a maternity shirt that says "Does this baby make me look fat?"  and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  TOO CUTE!  :)

I will post pictures of me in the shirt as soon as I can.

I'm trying on clothes out of my closet, stuff I haven't worn in years, and finding about a 5% success rate - the other 95% is piling up, waiting to be re-hung, and I have no clue when I will get around to actually hanging them back up.  Over the past 5 or 6 years I have been almost every size between a 16 and a 28, but most of my wardrobe is 18-20.  Right now my thighs and my huge knockers keep me in size 22-24, and my growing belly will soon demand at least a 24. 

Time to go shopping, right?  NOT.  Time to blog about how pissed I am, once again, at the fashion industry as a whole for discriminating against 'real women'.

I'm really trying to figure out, WHY are there no maternity clothes in any store above a size "1x"?  1x translates into a size 16-18 in most things.  I found some maternity jeans online in a 3x, ordered them, and they finally arrived - turns out they are "3x Petite" and I am 5'6" tall - NOT petite. 

This is why it is so important to be able to TRY STUFF ON in the stores.

Plus size stores like Lane Bryant don't sell maternity clothes, and maternity stores like Motherhood don't sell Plus Size clothes...

Seriously, it is bad enough in the fashion world that people seem to think large women only want to wear loud floral prints, etc.  But now the fashion world has decided that fat women don't get pregnant, or pregnant women don't get fat?!?!



  1. old navy maternity... In "normal" cloths I am a large in oldnavy maternity i am a small to xsmall... Alot of their stuff comes in multi xl sizes... maybe worth a try.

  2. I am wearing an old navy maternity shirt now, in a 2x - and I have one pair of 2x yoga pants from them that also fits. Unfortunately, ordering online is kind of hit-and-miss, and they don't carry anything over 1x in the store near me.
    I'm finding a few more online options, its just so frustrating when everything arrives and like 1 item out of every 10 will actually FIT.
    Oh yeah and nursing bras? I am already an H cup, was G before I got pregnant. I searched on, found only 3 styles that come in H, and all were $60 and up.
    I think I should start my own maternity/nursing fashion line for plus-size women! LOL