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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Second trimester (woo hoo!)

So, I am officially in my second trimester!
The highlight of my week was a sonogram in which my baby finally LOOKS like a baby. The pictures are incredibly blurry, because the baby was moving constantly, but in motion it was - beautiful!

Of course I was also vastly relieved to see everything going OK with the baby's development, as the sonogram came minutes after my meeting with a genetic counselor who scared the CRAP out of me with all the risk age, my weight, etc making this pregnancy so 'high risk'

So bizarre to even say that, because I associate the term 'high risk' with things like bedrest, c-section, etc and it does not look like I will have to experience anything so drastic as that. Rather, the 'risk' refers to the chances that something will go wrong with the baby (ranging from birth defects to DEATH). And 'high' is like a 1% chance in most of these fields, where I am used to a .001% or even .0001% chance for specific abnormalities.

Just one more major difference between having a kid at 20, vs. having a kid at 36!

Anyway, back to the sonogram - the baby was WAVING the whole time, cracked me up! Really wish hubby could have been there to see it, but at least I got to talk to him on the phone for a few minutes that day. Miss you babe!

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