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Saturday, March 27, 2010

crazy dreams

I remember having crazy dreams with the first three prgnancies, but nothing quite like these!  Maybe I am getting crazier as I age?

A bizarre one the other night had me sifting through some ancient remains, and there were drawers containing bones of children - except when I opened the drawers, the 'bones' were like pieces of giant lego people (and when I say giant I mean they were like the size of a human toddler, instead of the half-inch-tall lego guys I usually step on in our playroom).  Strange.

And there were a couple of dreams this week about a friend I haven't even SEEN in a decade.  Why now?

Best one had me choosing to name this baby 'Martha' because of a necklace I found - and in the dream I was all excited to finally have a NAME picked out.  The most ridiculous part about this dream is not 'martha' as a name (although that did make me laugh) but rather is the fact that hubby and I have had names picked out for a LONG time - just waiting to find out in 2 weeks whether its a boy or a girl.

I'm just starting to LIKE being awake, even though I am still crazy when conscious.  Just less crazy than I am in sleep.

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