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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Working Girl

I almost went an entire year without a job - but finally got hired in a very part-time position, just 2 days shy of my one year anniversary since losing my Preschool Director job.  I applied for everything I could think of, starting within the child development field and then branching out.  I even applied to be a census taker, and literally ACED their stupid exam, but they never called me back.  That's when I began considering a life of crime.  OK maybe not quite, but I understood every nuance in the term 'desperate for a job'! 

So, for two hours a day I work in a field I never imagined I would even seek out.  Not that it is 'beneath me'....I just wanted something a little more fulfilling, with a more substantial paycheck.

I started work yesterday.....

As I stood on the street corner for my first shift, I nervously scanned passing cars, deliberately making eye contact with certain drivers.

I thought this would be easy, but there really is a lot to consider.

I wondered if I was dressed appropriately. 

And did I bring enough protection?

Hmmm, yep, this should do it.  LOL

I'm a CROSSING GUARD, gutter mind!  What did you think I was talking about?????

Unfortunately the job will only last about 6 weeks before school is out for the summer, and then I should be able to work another 6 weeks or so before the baby is born.  If they will let me WEAR the baby in a sling while I work, I will continue to work after he arrives, but otherwise, that's all she wrote.  For awhile.

And then I will have to either find a work-from-home option, or will continue looking for preschool jobs, narrowing my search to programs with on-site infant care so I can take little Thomas to work with me.

I can't imagine leaving an infant in the care of strangers while I go to work - unless I happen to be working in the next ROOM, and can nurse him on my breaks, etc.

I always managed to stay home with my babies until they were at least walking and talking, and then always took them to work WITH me.  That's actually how I got into the child development field!  I took my kids to preschool and they left me there.  But I do love it!  I actually miss the classroom, and am hoping to be able to teach three-year-olds again someday.

In the meantime, I will be out there on the street corner for an hour every morning and an hour every afternoon, squeaking out a little spending money.  And I will definitely be taking NAPS in between, on a regular basis.  :)


  1. A paycheck is a paycheck. Huge props for working. No shame in that job!

  2. Hahaha good planning on the protection! And in this economy, finding any sort of job is a huge achievement! Maybe they'll be understanding when you have Thomas and let you bring him with you

  3. Props on the job! However as a crossing guard to moms picking up kids possibly on their cell phones smoking ciggs I wouldn't opt to take baby with you... Could be kinda dangerous, seeing how YOU are responsible for making sure the cars stop before the kids cross. Just a thought. Hope it works well for you and who knows there are TONS of things you can do from home. I get all my jobs off of