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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

switching gears

OK so I am back to being a single mommy again for awhile.......I HATE THIS PART.

I was stronger for this goodbye than I have ever been - didn't cry last night, even when hubby put his face against my belly and said a sweet goodbye to the baby.  Didn't cry this morning until the car was out of sight (hubby's dad drove him to his bus, since it is a couple hours away and I have to work this morning).

Not sure how I am going to WORK, even for a one hour shift, with this big hole in my heart, but I know I now have to begin that process of changing my whole mindset, to become that 'independent' single mom I hate being.  I don't mind the independent part, but the lonely SINGLE part I could definitely do without.

I know I can do this, but the whole pregnancy thing - having the baby all by myself - is a new and terrifying twist to the whole deployment nightmare.


  1. Wow managing not to cry whilst going through pregnancy hormones is an are strong and you can so totally do this xoxo

  2. I would never have been able to fight the tears with raging pregnancy hormones!

  3. You are so strong! You can handle this and anything that comes your way :)

  4. Oh I do understand. I had my own pity party today and yesterday. While I'm not pregnant, I can understand your grief at his leaving. That is something I'm currently trying to work through myself..and not doing it well I'm afraid. How long will he be gone?