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Monday, May 3, 2010


OK so at 18 weeks, is it normal to have Braxton-Hicks contractions?

They are not regular, and they really don't hurt - just uncomfortable - but they are definitely THERE.


I think the earliest I ever felt them before was maybe around 30 weeks.

But then, I have never been under quite this much STRESS during pregnancy!

Hubby is about to deploy, I am starting a new (PART TIME) job today, and yesterday was my birthday.  It was a pretty BLAH birthday, the highlight of which was SLEEPING IN after staying up til 1 AM with hubby helping him sort and pack his gear.

And my house is a DISASTER.  I am not a neat freak - by a looong shot - but I do have my limits, and I think I have figured out my clutter tolerance level (reached it and PASSED it sometime yesterday).

I know in a few days things will be much more calm, so I am just doing some more deep breathing (and a little crying, but I can still blame hormones for that, right?).

I'm a little afraid to call the doctor about these contractions, because I don't want to be put on bedrest or anything dramatic like that.  My other pregnancies have all been so HEALTHY!  But I will be calling just as soon as her office opens, just to make sure this is really nothing - or really just STRESS, I should say.

OOOOOHHHH just had a fantastic idea!  I think I can use the stress/contractions as an excuse to get a MASSAGE!  MMMMMM I feel better just thinking about it.  :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Yes, I agree you deserve a massage!

  2. I would definitely call the stressful as everything is, do your best to relax and look after yourself and the baby too. I know I havent felt Braxton Hicks until this past week (wk 36) so I hope they go away for you soon!

  3. I would call the Doc. But I have also heard that the more pregnancies you have, the earlier you feel them. I had them starting at 16 weeks with Cookie (and that was my first pregnancy). But that wasn't supposed to be happening and it turned out I had an infection.

  4. I would call the doc even though you don't want to. I don't think that's normal. Maybe stress?? Good luck.

  5. we left u an awar!

  6. I am 30 weeks pregnant with my second and started having braxton hicks at 16 weeks with both and have them ALL the time! Still, it can't hurt to double check with your doc. Everyone is different :-)

  7. Doc says its OK, she wants me to call her again if the contractions get regular or painful (just like I thought).

    First day on the job wsa BORING (yay!) perfect antidote to stress.