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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


OK, over on my other blog, I entered a contest this week, and now I need all my followers to go VOTE FOR ME!

Christina at Married to a Sailor started this great contest for military wives, asking us to write about what it means to us to be military wives.

My competitive nature is coming out in a BIG WAY, now I really really really want to win!

Please be sure to read my entry, and if you don't like it, obviously please don't vote for me.  :)  But you can vote for more than one, so I hope you at least like mine enough to give me ONE of your votes.

If you LOVE it, I would love a comment at the end to tell me so (in addition to your vote).  If you hate it, I don't really want to hear it.  Just kidding, I welcome all comments!  Unless you comment anonymously......those comments will be deleted - I'm just sayin.

The actual vote is on the sidebar on the right, and my entry is under "Deployment (again)"


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