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Sunday, May 9, 2010

20 weeks (!!!)

OK so after consulting my calendar (and counting weeks more times than a pregnant brain should be allowed to) I discovered I have been counting weeks WRONG, and instead of being 19 weeks + 2 days, I am actually 20 weeks along.  HALF WAY BABY!

Here is a picture of my 20 week baby bump, taken last night after I got all beautified for my girls night out (belated birthday celebration) More pics from last night are on my other blog - click here to see them.

I am still holding at my pre-pregnancy weight, and hoping to maintain that for the next 20 weeks.  My appetite seems to be leveling out a little, so as long as I can stay active, I should be OK.

Sleep is still hit-and-miss, but I am getting better at taking naps.

Missing my hubby like crazy, and had some crappy drama with my teenager the other night.....not ready to blog about that yet.

Oh, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you beatiful mommies out there!

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