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Thursday, May 27, 2010

new clothes

I finally broke down and spent (way too much) money on some new maternity clothes.

Don't get me wrong, I love shopping.....BUT I am normally a very frugal shopper.  I shop sale/clearance, and I use coupons, and when I actually make a purchase, I try to be sure I will get maximum use out of the item.

So it really almost broke my heart today to pay full price for maternity jeans - which I will wear for only a few months!  At least I got this bathing suit on sale - and will probably wear it again next summer:

I also got some cute shorts and a few t-shirts, including one that I plan to wear next time I go to The Price Is Right (it's an obsession, I will keep going back until they finally call me to 'COME ON DOWN')

I've been putting off buying new clothes, but after 3 straight weeks of constantly washing and re-washing the few things that FIT me, I caved.  So far, I am glad that I did (but ask me how I feel about this little splurge next week, when I am flat broke)


  1. I love the bathing suit!!!! :)

  2. I wanna buy maternity clothes!! Lol, I'm not ready yet though so I consider you lucky! Enjoy them and try not to worry about the money part right now....everytime you put them on just enjoy the fact that they are so comfy. :)

  3. Know how to get on the price is right... well maybe not you but have your husband wear his uniform he will get on!
    Its all about the questions you fill out when you go in... My husband is the PIR guru...

    I almost bought that same suit.. I love it but think I will be staying out of swim wear this year