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Thursday, September 2, 2010

37 week checkup!

My OB was out of town last week, so I missed my 36 week checkup.  I was (mostly) OK with this, but was really worried all week that I would go into pre-term labor while she was out of town, and then would have some stranger deliver the baby......

Anyway, since the doctor returned from her vacation Monday night, I have been WISHING and HOPING for labor to start, since I am unbelievably uncomfortable now.

Baby dropped into my pelvis last week, and the pressure has made it impossible to even SIT UP.  If I sit 'normal' (like for driving) then my feet go numb within about 15 minutes - so I have to sit at least semi-reclined all the time now.  Doc says baby is just lying on a nerve, no big deal.  Of course, a side-effect of being semi-reclined or reclined all the time, I am having WICKED heartburn.  Tums & Prevacid are my very best friends right now.

So, today's checkup revealed that my weight is HOLDING (YAY!) and my blood pressure is normal, as is baby's heart rate.  Baby is measuring exactly the right size, according to external measurements - we didn't do an ultrasound today, but will do one NEXT Thursday for sure. 

The contractions I have been having (they've finally crossed that line between discomfort and pain) are actually doing something - my cervix is now 75% effaced and 'almost' 2 cm dilated.

Best news of all today:

If I don't go into natural labor on my own by next week, then the OB will SCHEDULE me for induction sometime the following week - so September 16 at the latest!  YAY! 

I keep meaning to post the nursery before/after pics on here, and honestly am waiting until I get the final pieces of the bedding set in place.  They are not essential, but will make the room LOOK nicer, so before I show it off I want it really done, you know?  Since they are only available online, I have to wait for the nice postman to bring them....any day now.


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