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Thursday, September 9, 2010

38 week checkup!

Today's checkup went well, all things considered.

I have suddenly started gaining weight - 6 whopping pounds in only a week!  My doctor thinks this is mostly water weight, as my feet and ankles have been swelling a little in the past 48 hours.

My blood pressure was normal, and baby's heart rate was great. We did an ultrasound today to get his measurements and check the amniotic fluid levels - everything looks GREAT! 

Baby Bobblehead might very well be a BIG baby though.  His estimated weight today (at 2 days shy of 38 weeks) is 7 lbs, 10 oz!!!  That's like normal full-term 40 week birth weight! Crazy. That means if I have him in a week, he will likely be over 8 pounds, or if I somehow make it to 40 weeks he could even be pushhing 8 1/2 or 9 pounds.  Ouch.

My cervix hasn't changed really - still about 75% effaced, and about 1.5 or 'almost' 2 cm.

In other words, these annoying and now painful contractions aren't doing a darned thing - so frustrating.

So, my OB says that "IF" I don't go into natural labor in the next week, she will induce me very early Friday morning (Sept 17).  I will actually go to the hospital by midnight Thursday night so they can start my i.v. and get everything 'ready'.  This does not necessarily mean I will have him ON Sept 17, since inductions are not ALWAYS successful.

**If you posted a comment on my 'guess the stats' contest and would like to change your guess based on today's info, just post a new comment and let me know your updated guess - you get ONE chance to change your guess **

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