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Sunday, September 26, 2010

It aint over til the fat lady SHRINKS

Belly watch 2010 is NOT over just because the pregnancy is over!  Now begins the long and difficult process of getting back in shape.

Because I started this pregnancy 100 lbs overweight, most of the weight I want to lose is NOT 'baby fat'. I did gain 20 lbs during pregnancy, most of it right at the very end.

Here's the breakdown:

height: 5' 6"
pre-pregnancy weight: 252 lbs
pre-pregnancy size: 22-24
end of pregnancy weight: 272.5 lbs

weight TODAY (one week after birth): 249.5 lbs!
size TODAY: 24

Short-term goal:
Size 18, 220 lbs or less, by the time hubby comes home in December

Long-term goal:
Size 12, 145 lbs or less, by the baby's first birthday (September 18, 2011)

My first step is to cut WAY down on my carbs, and any carbs I eat will come from fresh fruits and veggies.  NO MORE PROCESSED SUGAR.

Second step (although this is really simultaneous) is to WALK, walk, walk!  Starting out with my pre-pregnancy routine of 3 miles a day, and working up to 5.5 or 6 miles per day by the end of the first month.

Third step, light weight training at home (upper body and abs)

Fourth step, AFTER hubby gets home, will be adding the gym back into my routine, 3+ times per week. (hubby can stay home with bobblehead while I work out)

I will post updates as frequently as I can - hopefully weekly weight updates, at least.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luckkkk you can do it and we are all here for words of encouragement when you need it!

  2. Good luck girlfriend!
    I'm here to cheer for you!