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Friday, September 17, 2010

no news is NOT good news.

Whoever coined the phrase, "No news is good news" was a complete IDIOT.

I am going stark raving MAD here - just waiting.  Not my strong suit on a good day, but with all these contractions, and virtually no sleep, I am about as patient as a hungry baby right now.

I was supposed to go to the hospital last night at midnight for a scheduled induction. I had been instructed to call the hospital an hour ahead to confirm that they had room for me.  I called, and they told me they were SWAMPED and I needed to wait and call back at 4 AM.

When I called back at 4, the Charge Nurse could not even come to the phone, so I was told to wait (again) and I would get a call back in a few minutes.  Nearly half an hour later, that call came in with instructions to wait some more, and call back at 8 AM. (have I mentioned before how bad I am at the whole 'waiting' thing?)

I called back at 8 AM, and was again told that the Charge Nurse was busy and would call me back.  By this time there had been a shift change, so it was a new charge nurse - and she didn't call me back.  I waited an hour, then called again, and this time got the new Charge Nurse, who told me to wait some more, and call back at noon.  She wanted me to just "go about my day, have lunch, whatever". Seriously?

I know the hospital is busy, and that can't be helped, but this is driving me CRAZY!  If I had any idea that this kind of delay was even possible with a "scheduled induction" I might have done a few things differently - like maybe I would not have even told my mother-in-law that I was scheduled for induction.....then she would not be here messing with my kitchen, smoking like a freaking chimney, and snoring so loud the damn house shakes.  (And maybe, if she was not already here, I would not have this incredibly strong urge to hold a pillow over her face to stop said snoring?)

If I had known this delay was possible, my sister-in-law would not be missing work today FOR NO REASON....she drove out here last night from 2 hours away to be my labor coach/chauffer, and all just to sleep on the couch in the playroom. And to wait.

My father-in-law changed his travel plans based on my 'scheduled induction' and is currently on a plane somewhere over CA, trying to get here to meet his new grandson...he doesn't even know that I am not even AT the hospital yet.  So, what is he supposed to do when he gets here?  Cool his heels with his ex-wife (my MIL) at my house?  YIKES.

This was supposed to be an exciting day - I thought I would be HOLDING Baby Bobblehead by now!  Instead today seriously SUCKS.  Makes the whole false labor thing feel like a walk in the park.

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