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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guess the stats (contest)

OK I am trying to distract myself from some VERY annoying false-labor right now, so I decided to hold a contest.

The prize will be a $20 gift card, either to Target or Babies R Us (winner will choose which store, and card will be delivered via email)

I technically have 20 days until my due date, (SEPT 26) so the contest is sort of a 'betting pool' to see who can come the closest in guessing these categories:

Birth Date

Time of day (morning = 5:01 AM to noon, afternoon = 12:01 PM to 6 PM, or night, 6:01 PM to 5 AM)

Baby's WEIGHT at birth

First place guess in each category gets 10 points, and 2nd place guess gets 7 points, and 3rd place guess gets 5 points.  This means max score is 30 points, if you happen to have the closest guess in ALL THREE categories.

You have to be following THIS BLOG to be eligible for the prize.

Contest is open UNTIL I HAVE THE BABY....any guesses submitted after the birth will be disqualified, even if you didn't know (but I know some of you also follow me on FB, and the news of the birth will be posted via text message almost immediately after the birth)

I recently posted birth stories about my first three deliveries, so if you think those stats will help you make an educated guess, check out the archives.

Here is my most recent check-up info:

As of Thursday, Sept 2, my cervix was 75% effaced and dilated 1-2 cm.  My OB says she will induce me at 39 weeks if nothing happens naturally by then, BUT, if you read my birth stories, you know that inductions don't always work.  Since then I have been having some strong but SPORADIC contractions, and today have had some regular but WEAK contractions.  To my knowledge, I have not yet passed my mucous plug.  Oh, and in case this effects your guess at all, Baby Bobblehead is a BOY.

*THIS CONTEST WILL BE 'duplicated' on my FaceBook, with a separate $10 gift card as the you can enter both contests and be eligible to win either or both, if you happen to be on my FB as well*

So get guessing!  Post your comment below with your guess - be sure to include all three categories, DATE, Time of day (morning - afternoon - night), and BIRTH WEIGHT.  Also, if your profile is 'private' you'll need to either include some contact info or WATCH this blog to see if you've won.


  1. DATE: September 21, 2010; Time of day (morning - afternoon - night): afternoon, and BIRTH WEIGHT: 7.5 lbs

    I follow via GFC!

    forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

  2. Date: September 22, 2010
    Time: Afternoon (2:34)
    Weight: 8lbs

  3. September 25, morning, 8lb 3oz
    good luck! That's my b-day and stats so maybe it will be lucky!

  4. Date: September 15
    Time: 4:59pm
    Weight: 8lbs 2oz

  5. Ok so far I like Julie's guess the best :) I'm getting impatient!

  6. Date: September 16th
    Time: Evening
    Weight: 7lbs 11oz