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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

labor tracking APPS

OK a couple months ago I promised to post a review of the free iPad apps I downloaded for tracking my contractions.

There were two free ones when I found these (back in May, I think?) but there are a few more now.  The ones I tried are "Stage 1" and "Contraction Timer Deluxe"

Overall, they both function about the same - once you open the app, there is a button to START timing a contraction, and then you press the STOP or END button when the contraction is over.  Both create a history and a chart or graph duration of the contraction AND the interval in between.

Contraction Timer Deluxe start button

Stage 1 start button & chart

Overall, I like the look of the summary chart on Stage 1 better than the one on Contraction Timer Deluxe, because the Stage 1 chart shows both duration AND interval on one chart.  The Contraction Timer Deluxe only shows one at a time.  

Contraction Timer Deluxe

Other than that, they are both really easy to use, and they store all the information you will need for the hospital when checking in, or for your doctor/midwife.  Also an awesome keepsake for the baby book!  The iPad lets you take a screenshot to save as a picture, and of course you can email those pictures to any email address. (or post them on your blog! ha ha ha)

The Contraction Timer Deluxe has a feature that I haven't yet used, but can see the potential for needing/wanting it: when you press STOP at the end of a contraction, it gives you the option to add a note to the contraction record before saving it to the chart/graph:

Like, I don't know, noting if a contraction is suddenly way stronger (or way weaker?) than the ones before it?  Or maybe note the exact time that your water broke?

Stage 1 has a feature I like, that you can set a background picture behind the 'focal point ticker' (which can be turned ON or OFF in the settings) However, I chose a picture of my hubby for this background, and the ticker looks disturbingly like the target inside a rifle scope.....I'll have to figure out a better background picture or just turn that feature off.

Stage 1 with no background picture for focal point

Stage 1 with recent photo pf hubby...NOT keeping this one on there!

I am looking at one more free app, simply called "Labor and Contraction Timer" (or CTX Timer?) but have not really used it much yet.

I think I am most likely to use the Stage 1 timer, but all of these are WAY better than trying to write it on a notepad and figure out the duration between contractions, etc.  Anything that simplifies labor is a plus in my book! Especially if it's FREE - my favorite four letter word.

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  1. That's a pretty spiff app. Ugh, I wish everything was made for Blackberry too, not just IPhone!