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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

song linkup (week 9)

OK you all know the drill by now, right? 
Post a song that you're feeling right now, and then
go linkup with Amber over at Goonight Moon!

I posted a musical theater song over on my deployment blog this week, so I figured I would stick with that theme and post a song here from my favorite musical of ALL TIME: "Wicked". The book was pretty awesome, though raunchy/bawdy.  Same with its sequels, "A Lion Among Men" and then "Son of a Witch".
But the play....
the play was freaking AMAZING! 
I laughed and cried the whole time, and I could
NOT believe the set....the props.....the costumes.....
The whole time we were there,
I could have sworn we were in OZ.

If you are not familiar with the story, it is a twist on "The Wizard of Oz", but it's about an unlikely friendship, and how we perceive good and evil....and this song is about choosing to triumph over true evil.  Makes me want to defy a little gravity in my own life!  Maybe I can, with the help of my blog FRIENDS.


  1. Wow! I would love to see "Wicked" live, seriously. I love all things musical theater, and I love this song. Especially when Glee did it on one of their episodes! Great choice!

  2. ah this brings back great memories of my best friends and i in high school blasting this in my car and singing.

    love it.

  3. I can not wait until I get to see this on stage!