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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Our household is under attack - by a pretty nasty cold virus.  The teenager came home sick after school last Tuesday, with fever, aches & chills, and a slight cough.  By Wednesday he was severely congested and his fever hung around all day, but he seemed to be coming through it around dinner time.  Thursday I let him try to go back to school, but he was simply miserable - the health office at school said he didn't HAVE to be picked up, but I did anyway. 

Throughout this time I was using Lysol on everything, and doing my best to keep Baby Bobblehead away from his big brother, but it was not enough.  Friday evening around dinner time, Bobblehead came down with a high fever (initially 103, but we got it down around 101 for the rest of the night).  His fever just wouldn't break, even when we switched from tylenol to motrin.  Finally, Saturday afternoon after a good sponge-down (which made Bobblehead SCREAM like you would not believe) his fever broke, and has not come back.  But that night his congestion began, and it is just getting worse every day.  This morning it turned to that glue-like mucous that is so hard to clean.  Poor baby.

Of course, it was not long before Mommy got the bug, too.  Now I am trying to care for a sick baby, clean my house for company coming this weekend for Easter, and fight this awful virus - all on NO SLEEP.

I want to call for reinforcements, but there's no one I can call!  Normally my sister would come to my rescue, since she lives only 15 minutes away, but there's no way I would ask her to expose her three little ones to this horrible cold.  And my mom lives about 20 minutes away; she normally could at least come hold the baby for awhile so I could clean/cook/rest/etc but she just had an angiogram 2 days ago and found out that she needs a double bypass, which the doctors are rushing to schedule ASAP - and in the meantime she's not allowed to do much of anything, because her heart attack risk is SO HIGH.

So, yeah, add the emotional roller coaster of facing my mom's mortality to my already overly long list of CACA right now.


And hubby can't help right now, since he is out of town for work.  Not like he really helped that much when he was home on the weekend, but if he was here right now, I would MAKE him shoulder some of this burden.

I hate writing blog posts that are just complaining, but dang I am just so sick and tired of being SICK & TIRED!  YUCK.

Let this be a reminder to everyone, even though Spring is here and we are not all shut-in indoors sharing our germs as much as we did in the Winter, you still need to be extra vigilant with handwashing!

In fact, now that I have just spread all these cooties all over my keyboard, I'm gonna go disinfect my laptop and wash my hands AGAIN.  Then maybe I can squeeze in a short nap before baby wakes up coughing again.

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