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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I miss preschool!

I've worked with young children in some capacity or another for 20 years. (since I was a teenager, for anyone who is now counting and trying to figure out just how OLD I am!  HA HA HA)

My favorite job EVER is teaching three-year-olds.  They just say the funniest things, and when they have a 'lightbulb' moment, you can actually SEE it happening.  Amazing. Three is also the last year before they begin to get all self-conscious.  They express themselves freely through art, music, whatever, without worrying about being JUDGED.

This song is always fun, but in my case it is also a little sad/nostalgic because it reminds me of a special little boy with Down's Syndrome who was in my preschool class for three straight years.  The first year I had him was rough, as he didn't yet know or trust me, had very few communication skills, and he thought it was HILARIOUS to either throw his glasses over the fence or to run away from me.  He was also still in diapers, which none of my other students were, and he was uncooperative with toileting/diaper changing.  Have you ever had to wrestle with a 50 lb kid covered in poop?  **ahhh, the memories!  j/k**

The one thing that always got through to him was MUSIC, especially Greg & Steve songs.  By his second year in my class, he would run over to LEAD 'circle time' if I started with this song.  Of course our third year together was the best, because he really bonded with me - AND he was beginning to get the hang of the whole toilet thing, which made my job a little more pleasant.  :)  His last year in my class was also my last year at that school, as we moved away - to our current home.  I miss that school more than I can say!  I've kept in touch with this sweet boy's family a little over the years, even bought our Puggle from their pet store.  At 12 years old, he STILL loves music - I wonder if he still loves this song?

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  1. LOL! Yes...they really are so funny! I would have to say my favorite age of my kids are the age of 3! They say the funniest stuff!!!!!

    Thanks for linking up girlie...a 3rd seriously ROCK!

  2. My first job out of college was teaching the 3year old class at a private Pre-school. I can still hear my kids saying "A told B , & B told C - I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree. Wheeee said D to E,F,G,.." HAHA

    Great SOng Choice!

  3. Hi Gaile Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm really thankful for them they made my day a little better for sure. I look forward to getting to know you better. Oh and I love working with kids my summer job is working at a camp for kids with developmental disabilities, I LOVE it.
    God bless you,
    Semper Fi, Amber joy

  4. So sweet. I will have to share this with my two year old tomorrow. :-D