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Monday, March 21, 2011


I am once again flabbergasted at the passage of time.  Seriously, where does it all GO?

Baby Bobblehead is now six months old.  YIKES.

He sits up for longer periods of time on his own, though I am always nearby to catch him if he dives sideways.  He's not crawling yet, but does a pretty impressive push-up, and when he lunges forward from a sitting position, sometimes he manages to get one leg behind him like he will need to for crawling.

He still does not have teeth yet, but we started him on rice cereal a couple days ago.  He loves it if I mix it with breastmilk, but the faces he makes if I mix it with water - OH MY.  You'd think I just fed him live worms!

He still loves playing with his baby cousin - yesterday they spent more than ten minutes trying to figure out how to un-tie my sister's shoelace.  TOOOO CUTE!

In addition to Bobblehead turning 6 months old, this blog turned ONE YEAR old yesterday!  Happy Blogiversary to me!  :)

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