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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Since this is my baby blog, I don't have as many MILSPOUSE followers here as my Deployment Blog - but I still want to show a little Milspouse LOVE, so I am hosting a fabulous giveaway!  Don't worry, mil-girlfriends and mil-fiancees are also welcome.  Heck, even if you just KNOW a milspouse who would love this prize, you can enter and win it for her!

You probably already know that Build A Sign gives free custom homecoming banners to families of returning servicemembers.  If you are currently going through deployment, check that option out HERE (we loved our banner when my hubby came home a couple months ago).

But did you know they also make tons of other cool custom stuff?  I got to design some fun BUMPER MAGNETS specifically for this giveaway, and I decided to do one for each branch:

You may notice that the Coast Guard and Army ones look similar - that's because I used one of Build-A-Sign's many templates of ready-made designs, and simply customized the text.

It's pretty easy, even for someone like me (cool ideas in my head, but no way to really express them because I seem to be design-challenged).  If you happen to be great at designing stuff like this, you can always start from scratch on the site, too.  I could not believe how much fun I had designing these!

If you would like to win one of these AWESOME bumper magnets, here are the rules for this giveaway:

Before you enter, you MUST be a follower on this blog.  If you are not already following me, click the link over on the right!  You are more than welcome to grab my cute button for your own blog too, but that's not required. 

One entry for commenting on this blog - tell me which bumper magnet you'd like to win!

Additional entries if you BLOG about the giveaway (come back here and comment again after you do, and link to your blog post in your comment) and if you TWEET about the giveaway - make sure your tweet links your twitter followers back to this post, and make sure you come back and comment AGAIN to let me know you tweeted.  If you include your twitter handle, I will follow you on twitter.

So that's three possible entries per person - and I will draw a random winner from each branch next WEDNESDAY, March 16th. Comments posted after 12:01 AM Pacific Time on March 16 will not be eligible.

(don't forget to specify which branch you are with/supporting in EACH comment post, to make sure your entries all go toward the right prize)

What are you waiting for? Get commenting!


  1. I would like to win the Army Strong one :)

  2. I would LOVE to win the Marine Corps on;D

  3. Oh they're so cute!! Marine Corps!!

  4. I tweeted about the giveaway! You follow me already, but I am @xcowsgowoof