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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And the winners are....

Last week I started a giveaway for Milspouses that did not get NEARLY the number of entries I anticipated, and I am still not sure why (?) My stats show a whopping 78 pageviews for the contest post, though only 5 total entries were logged.  Again, not sure why?

I toyed with the idea of extending the deadline to give more milspouses a chance to enter, but I don't feel that would be fair to the girls who DID take time to comment and enter.

I think instead I will hold a separate giveaway using my twitter, to give out the remaining prizes. 

The ARMY bumper magnet only had one entry, so BIRDIE, you win by default!  Email me with your mailing address so I can send you your cool new Army bumper magnet.

The MARINE bumper magnet had a total of four entries, so I used a cute way to choose a winner.  I wrote the names of the entrants on post-it notes, which I placed on the floor just out of reach of my adorable little Bobblehead.  He is not officially mobile, but he rolls and scoots around.  It took a few minutes, but he finally reached one of the post-its...and the winner is ALLIE!  Send me your mailing address ASAP.

Now, I still have the Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force bumper magnets to give away - that will be happening SOON via Twitter, so if you are interested, make sure you follow me @deploymentagain


  1. lol that was a great idea with bobblehead. Congratulations to the winners! =]

  2. Aw thank bobblehead for me! That is so adorable (: I emailed you my address this afternoon. Thank you!