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Sunday, March 27, 2011

baby blues, PPD, and all that jazz

I don't know what the current statistics are regarding mood disorders like Postpartum Depression and the 'Baby Blues' but I know that these problems are largely under-reported and untreated. The saddest part about that fact is that treatment is pretty much ALWAYS successful!

I'm being treated for PPD right now, six months after giving birth to baby #4.  It was hard for me to recognize that I needed help (or that help was out there!) because this time around it is completely different from the PPD that I had after baby #3, eleven years ago.

I'm happy to report that my treatment is going well, and my little baby Bobblehead probably won't even remember the days of 'psycho mom' that I feared would scar him for life.  :)

I'm also getting more involved in advocacy, hoping to give other women the courage and voice to stand up and ASK for help with mental issues - whether hormonally induced or otherwise.

I found an awesome group called the The Inland Empire Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative, which is putting together a STROLL-A-THON to raise money and raise awareness.  Funds raised will help provide services to women who are at-risk or are struggling with perinatal mood disorders.

I'm TOTALLY going to this!  If you are in the Southern CA area and can come, PLEASE join us! It only costs $25 to enter, or $35 per couple.  The event will take place in Riverside, CA on May 14.  More information is available by clicking here. The slogan on the flyer I received says, "Speak Up When You Are Down"! what an awesome way to remind us NOT to hide our feelings (especially TEARS) as we usually would with something like this.

If you will NOT be in the so-cal area on May 14, you can also donate money to the cause (also by clicking the link above)

Also, if you want more info about my own PPD, I did write about it over on my deployment blog ....finally.

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